Best iphone 12 Pro Max Case

Best iphone 12 Pro Max Case

Best iPhone 12 Pro max Case 2021

The iPhone craze is now a global culture. Everyone wants one. Since taking the world by storm some 15 years ago, the iPhone brand has spread throughout several continents to become one of the most used mobile phones in the world. With all its beauty, elegance and functionality, an iPhone can lose great value with a broken, damaged or faded exterior. You can do yourself a favor by protecting your device with a case. Today we will go over how to find the best case for iPhone 12 pro max, or perhaps another phone model you may need to protect.

Also, if your phone’s body is already damaged, a case may be what you would need to get your phone looking as good as new again.

The iPhone 12 was released in October 2020, with four variants; the 12, the Pro, Pro Max and the Mini. This latest model is one of the best releases by Apple til date, according to multiple sources. If you have one of these and require a new case, you must ensure you patronize a credible dealer in order to get the best value for money. There are different types of iPhone cases you can consider;

  • Shield Case Pro: Introducing our featured premier case, the Shield Case Pro, does not disappoint as it features an included premium tempered glass for protection of your iPhone screen.  The shell is a shatterproof acrylic frame design, wrapped with smooth feel TPU borders giving it that perfect luxurious feel. Unlike similar models it comes standard with TPU borders for your camera lens and a closing camera slider during non use to add maximum protection to your vulnerable camera in event of an accidental drop. This case is Apple MagSafe, which ensures your iPhone will be compatible with wireless charging. There’s no denying the Shield Case Pro makes a case for the best iPhone 12 pro max case in 2021 thus far. **Now Also available in other apple and android models!
Best iphone 12 Pro Max Case
ShieldCase Pro for iPhone
  • Clear Case: This is exactly what it says; clear. That means classic and transparent; Show off your new iPhone with the perfect clear case offering you great protection on your device, with corner and outside bumper protection. This silicon case also is MagSafe allowing you to enjoy wireless charging if needed.
iPhone 12 case
Clear Ice – Clear Iphone 12 Pro Case

These two types of cases for iPhone 12, Pro and Mini above are the two main types offered by ShieldCase. In addition, we also feature full aluminum and metal cases, leather wallet cases, beautiful bright colored cases to have a little something for everyone’s taste. But for the sake of an honest review, we’ll stick to the two above as top picks. One trusted retailer for all kinds of iPhone 12 cases is

As a vendor, we have been in the business of providing quality phone cases to phone users looking to protect their devices matched with remarkable style and protection. Let’s take a closer look at the features of the Clear Ice iPhone Case that makes it a strong contender of the best iPhone 12 pro max case. 

Features of iPhone 12, Pro & Mini Case

  • Liquid Silicon Material: Liquid Silicon is a form of rubber with great strength and durability. It is also regarded as a high-purity, platinum-cured silicon used majorly for the production of parts of technical devices. It is known for its durability, chemical resistance and stability. 
  • Durability: The silicon material makes this case a truly amazing addition to your iphone 12; not only for protection and strength, but for looks as well. It has reliable drop protection and great anti-scratch performance. 
  • Multi Compatibility: The Case is not just compatible with the iPhone 12, but can also be used with the 2019 iPhone 11 (the model with the 6.1 inch screen).
  • Thickness: The case has an impressive thickness of 2.3 mm which is more than the previous release of 1.8 mm.
  • Access: The design of the case is such that gives full access to the screen and buttons. You don’t have to go through the stress of adjusting the case everytime you need to use your phone.
  • MagSafe: The MagSafe feature is one amazing addition to the iPhone 12 case that makes it a delight. You can use your wireless charger with this one, along with other accessories.


  • The case is very easy to install and take off, as it only takes a flip from one corner of the phone.
  • Also very easy to clean by using a damp rag.
  • Does not affect button sensitivity.
  • Provides reliable drop protection  for your screen due to its thickness.
  • Anti-fingerprint and anti-scratch.


  • Not the best choice case if you have a damaged iPhone .


Factors to consider before buying an iPhone 12 and 12 Pro Case

We know how much you love your iPhone 12 (Pro or mini) and just how quickly you’d want to adorn it with a beautiful phone case. But just before you do, consider these factors when finding the best iPhone 12 pro max case cover.

Credible Vendor: We just talked briefly about how important having a trusted supplier in the previous point. Always be sure you’re getting an authentic and quality product, and choose a one that values you as a customer. Customer satisfaction should be the top priority of any business.

Design/Color: This is more of a preference than a consideration. Note that most iPhone cases are likely to come in many colors, like black, blue, red and so on. Find a  design/color that best matches your style and needs for your phone and go for that. Everyone has a personal preference, and yours is as special as the next. 

Material/durability: The most common types of cases for iPhone 12 you’ll find are made of silicon, rubber and leather. Decide what your preference is and make your purchase based on that.

Price: For some people, price is the most important factor when they need to decide on a product. The most expensive vendor doesn’t necessarily sell the best products either. When finding a great case at reasonable price for value, take advantage of your perfect match if it checks the boxes of your needs. Most good cases have a high demand. 

Of all the factors, the most important is finding the right vendor. At Shield Case, you can be sure of what you’re getting. Their satisfaction is dependent on the satisfaction of their buyers. Whether you are looking for the best iPhone 12 Pro Max case, or even a tempered glass screen protector, they go all the way to ensure their customers get a great value for your money. 

Final Words…

The iPhone 12 emerged the best-selling 5G mobile phone model just two weeks after it was released. This tells you how special the phone is and how important it should be to find the best iPhone 12 Pro Max case. With that being said, your iPhone 12, pro or mini’s value can be maximized and heavily protected by adding a durable and beautiful case. As we have previously stated, a quality case will preserve your iPhone’s life from damage and also add some aesthetic value later when you are ready to sell.

We hope you enjoyed our honest review. Check out ShieldCase today to choose from their latest promotions and offerings of todays latest case designs.

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